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Four inspection items to be done when using CNC skin cutting machine

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In the normal use process, the CNC skin cutter also needs to be inspected regularly, so as to ensure its working efficiency and safety. Generally speaking, the following four items should be done well for its inspection:

1. Function check: it is to check and measure the function of the equipment. For example, check the performance of oil leakage, air leakage, sealing and dust prevention, high temperature, high pressure and high speed. It is also necessary to check whether the functional indexes and performance parameters of the equipment meet the standards.

2. Regular inspection: it is the inspection schedule, with the participation of the operator, the inspection work carried out by the maintenance personnel. Regular inspection is to accurately grasp the technical status of the equipment, the wear degree of parts, and determine whether to carry out repair and repair workload. Regular inspection requires equipment cleaning and oil change. Periodic inspection can be subdivided into annual inspection, monthly inspection and weekly inspection.

3. Daily inspection: it is combined with daily maintenance. The equipment operator is mainly responsible for it. For finding abnormal technical conditions. Carry out necessary maintenance; if major problems are found. Report in time. In order to organize repair as soon as possible.

4. Accuracy inspection: it is to check and measure the machining accuracy of the equipment, determine the deterioration degree of the equipment precision, and judge whether it is necessary to adjust, repair and update, so as to ensure the quality of the processed products.